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The Key to Success Is a SMART CORE Plan

The Key to Success Is a SMART CORE Plan

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Plan & Manage Smartly with EDUPLAN Solutions!

EDUPLAN Solutions is a project planning & management software, powered with an AI recommendation system for anyone who wants to set SMART CORE goals, select means and succeed. 

But there is a problem with existing project management softwares...

  • They don’t give you the process to plan and track progress
  • They don't provide you SMART goals, means or tasks
  • They don't have a systematic progress tracker
  • They don't help you easily hit your professional or personal goals

A SMART CORE Customized Plan Will Get You Where You Want!

5 Steps to Your Success!


1. Choose the type of plan or project 

2. Target SMART CORE goals from an intelligent goal bank 

3. Select SMART means and tasks to reach your goals from an intelligent recommendation system

4. Track progress

5. Invite team members, at any time, to collaborate and communicate

How can you and your team achieve success?

The market is swamped with project management softwares and replete with workshops on planning. They will certainly help you manage a project. However, what do you need to succeed? 

EDUPLAN Solutions is all about providing you the software which will take you through the  process of SMART CORE plans.


With EDUPLAN Solutions, you will get

  • A project planning & management software 
  • An AI powered recommendation system 
  • SMART CORE goals, means and tasks 
  • An interactive and dynamic progress tracker
  • A collaborative & communication tool

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